The "Circle City $360" Package


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This is one of our best loved, most widely used packages. Turn any simple elopement into a fabulous event! Feel like a blushing bride or gushing groom with a larger wedding feel by adding a photography session to your ceremony! 

Your home - Wedding Venues-  Parks - Backyards... So many possibilities! 

Your Wedding Officiant! 


When you book your Circle City 360 package, you will receive a qualified, professional, and registered wedding officiant from our team to consult with you

to personalize your ceremony and tailor it to your love, and the essence of you as a couple! We perform your ceremony, and always offer to return the license back to your originating county as a courtesy!

Irvington Wedding Chapel
A Photography Session


One of our professional Photographers are guaranteed to be onsite 15 minutes prior to your ceremony. They will warm you up with some poses, and photograph your ceremony. They also stay up 15 minutes after your ceremony to take additional images. Just like your wedding officiant, they will reach out prior to your ceremony to determine what poses, and types of photos are most important to you in your session. (i.e., more family photos, more of the ceremony, etc)

You will receive 15-20 professionally edited images within 24-48 hours post ceremony via email. We don't like to make you wait for your amazing pictures! 

Irvington Wedding Chapel
The Fine Print: 


There are no hidden fees with this package. The services are provided with no additional charges within a 20 mile radius of our home office. Not to worry, we only charge a nominal fee for travel. Just give us details and we can price you accordingly.


You can buy extra photography at different locations if you like. We would determine pricing by the distance and time you would require the photographer. Our prices for this are very reasonable, and we determine it on an as needed basis.


There is a $100 deposit required to reserve your date and time with our team of photographers and officiants. Remember the deposit is non refundable! 


We don't offer an in-person consultation for this particular package but both the officiant and photographer will always make contact via phone to determine your needs and wants regarding personalizing your ceremony and photo shoot.








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