We know that you don't get married everyday. Fortunately, our team of wedding officiants DO perform wedding ceremonies everyday, and it's our job to think of these things FOR you! We have compiled a list of the most FAQ's we receive. And there are NO BAD questions! We want you to be prepared, and well informed!

What county do I get my marriage license in?


You must obtain your marriage license in the county in which you reside, at the clerks office. Then we can solemize, or officiate the marriage in any county of your choice within Indiana! There is no waiting period. Our wedding officiants perform the most ceremonies with couples in Marion county, Hendricks county, and Johnson county. You can start your application online HERE

Do I need a witness to get married?


The state of Indiana does not require a witness to your marriage ceremony, just the wedding officiants signature. No blood tests, nothing crazy. They simply require you to provide identifying documents required by the clerks office to obtain your license.

What does my deposit cover? Is it non-refundable?


Once you decide to contract IWD to provide services for your wedding, we require a deposit. What that deposit does is secures YOUR date and time of ceremony on our calendar. It ensures that your date, and time of your special day is exclusive for you. Without a deposit, we cannot guarantee your time will be available. This deposit is NON refundable. Further details regarding this policy can be found on our RESERVATION DISCLAIMER 

Am I guaranteed someone on my day, no matter what?


YES! No matter what package you've hired us to provide for you, you are COVERED on your wedding day. We have a team of officiants. Flat tire, illness, it does not matter. We plan your date with backup options included in our scheduling. 

Can I write my own ceremony?


OF COURSE! We are here to act merely as a guide, and a resource. It is YOUR day and YOUR ceremony. Let us know exactly what you want. There is no right or wrong way to write YOUR wedding ceremony!