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Due to CoVid-19:

We have elminated our online store and credit card booking at this time. We eliminated merchant services fees in order to not raise our pricing. We are offering all forms of E-Pay options. Should you not have an E-Pay option, we are happy to send you an invoice, including a small processing fee.

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Canal Special

$45 Deposit 

$50 Remainder 

Perfect Elopement Package

$75 Deposit

$75 Remainder

The Traditional



$200 Deposit 

$250 Remainder

Circle City



$100 Deposit

$260 Remainder

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After submitting your payment request, our team will reach out ASAP to exchange information for your payment, and send you a formal receipt via text or email. 

We have a full team of officiants, so most every date requested, we are able to accommodate. It is, however, prudent to verify your date's availability by clicking HERE to submit a contact request form.

We book our ceremony packages based on our Deposit Policy. All Deposits are non-refundable. We require a small amount to reserve your date and time. Once you place your deposit with us, it places you in our schedule. We do not ask for the remainder of your balance until our wedding officiant has arrived and you are happily married, though you are free to pay in full at any time, however any monies paid are non refundable as well! 

Indiana Wedding Officiants wants your day to be as perfect as it can be, so we want a complete understanding of not only our obligation to you, our CLIENT, but we also want you to be aware that as a vendor, our CLIENT also has obligations to IWO as well! Don't worry we are easy to please!

What we agree to provide you, our CLIENT:
IWO will provide you with a ceremony officiant for your event.  We will give you our full attention, and we will do our job to the best of our ability. If WE are late for any reason, $50 will be credited to you, our client! We stay until the marriage is solemnized and license completed.  Please be aware that we use the collaborative team effort for our scheduling. We always try to provide you with the officiant you have chosen, or have consulted with. There are times when conflicts with scheduling can arise, and you could be assigned a different officiant. Not to worry, they will be fully apprised with all of your special details and your personalized ceremony.

What you agree to provide IWO: When you place a deposit with Indiana Wedding Officiants,  you are reserving your date and time on our schedule. You understand that the deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. We don't like to keep your hard earned money, so be sure that your date is set in stone! We allow for your convenience ONE reschedule at no additional rebooking fee. Any additional reschedule requests will be treated as a new booking.

On the day of your event, please be aware that our Officiants may have other obligations. Personal OR Professional. We schedule other weddings for officiants on busy weekends! It is IMPERATIVE that you start your event ON TIME.  For instance, if your wedding is to start AT 1pm, it means the ceremony is to start at 1pm. We dislike very much to charge additional fees, but it has become necessary to implement the following late start policy:

You understand as our client that Indiana Wedding Officiant has allotted an adequate amount of time for the services that have been purchased. Please note that in the event of late start in the excess of 30 MINUTES or more, an additional $50.00 per HALF HOUR will be paid directly to the attending officiant, via Cash, Paypal, Chase Quick Pay, Venmo or Debit/Credit. Please also note that in the event of a late start, after the 30 minute period, the officiant reserves the right to leave the wedding site if the additional fees are not paid, forfeiting the original deposit.

By making a purchase through our online store, you agree to the terms set forth above.

Now that the hard stuff is out of the way, let's get excited about your wedding!!!