Did you wake up today and say...Today is the PERFECT day to get married? 

Maybe you both have the day off work to get your license.

Whatever the fabulous reason you're in need of a wedding officiant, we have you covered with our Get Married Today Package


Are you picturing something a little different? Check out our other options! 

Most counties in Indiana do not solemnize marriages at the courthouses any longer. Marion, Hendricks, Morgan, Hancock, Montgomery and Johnson counties are counties that we visit the most. However, in lieu of marrying in the confines of a loud, rushed legal building, we offer a "courthouse alternative wedding" for just $95 at a location near the clerks office. This is similar to a "Justice of the Peace" style wedding, but its super private and personal. You will not be married quickly by a judge, but by a professional and caring officiant that will want to make your experience as special as you would like it. 

The State of Indiana does not have a waiting period after you receive your marriage license, and there are no legal witnesses required to perform a ceremony.  Many couples utilize the $95 "Get Married Today" package for the convenience of a quick ceremony, and an immediate return of the signed (or solemnized) marriage license back to the originating clerks office. 





"Excellent service...beautiful vow exchange officiant was kind n professional. ..perfect for anyone wanting a hassle free experience. ..Also I liked their same-day arrangements. - Shawn and Suzanne Mccall"

Would you like the extra touch of a professional photographer? You can upgrade to our Circle City 360 Package!